MSFS 2020 Airport, North America, Roman Design

Roman Design – CNC3 Brampton–Caledon Airport v1.4.0

CNC3 Brampton – Caledon Airport Pro is a meticulously detailed scenery of a well-known local GA airport in Toronto area, where many of GTA enthusiast learn to fly and enjoy flying for many years. CNC3 is the busiest uncontrolled airport in Canada. This Canadian scenery was designed from scratch for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

The airport is famous by it’s signature blue GA hangars with red roofs and mostly open aircraft pods, and a large open-air tie-down parking area. The original generic scenery looks unrealistic and has many issues, including the lack of the parking area, “baked-in” aircraft silouettes, unnstural grass texture etc. This scenery is replacing 28 generic hangars with a custom 3D models and model variations and includes a total of 38 hand-modelled buildings, as well as plethora of custom and stock objects carefully placed to increase realism and immersion.

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