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Siberian Scenery Development – USPP Perm / Bolshoe Savino International Airport v1.0.0

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Siberian Scenery Development – USPP Perm

Perm (Bolshoe Savino) is an international airport of federal importance in the city of Perm. It was opened in 1965. Located 17.6 km southwest of the city center on the territory of the Sokolovsky rural settlement of the Perm municipal district, near the village of Savino. It is the only airport in the Perm region that serves regular passenger traffic.

Military aviation is stationed at the airfield (69806-2 Sokol aviation group of the Russian Ministry of Defense – MiG-31 fighters). The airport is also the base for Helix helicopter airline.

The objects used in the scene are Dubrovin Alexey (-nio), Varzakov Vlad (Rifleman). Ivanov Nikita (KieMan).

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