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Sim Wings – EDDH Hamburg Airport v1.0.1.0

Warning: This airport conflicts with JustSim’s EDDH airport, only use one of the two (Sim Wings recommended).

The sim-wings Hamburg DLC offers an incredibly realistic scenery of Hamburg Airport and the immediate vicinity.

Elaborately color-corrected aerial photos for a true color display and a realistic 3D ground with elevated Lufthansa maintenance, lowered highway and half covered highway makes Hamburg Airport appear very lifelike. The extremely detailed airport buildings with interiors and all auxiliary buildings support this aspect.

Also included are the new “Interim Terminal” and new stands placed using ground maps from the airport operator. Thanks to the animated jetways and the realistic night time dynamic lighting, the airport seems very lively.

Fly to Hamburg Airport today and experience the realism of sim-wings Hamburg in the Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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