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SimPlaza – MSFSAddonFixer v1.1.1

Note: SimPlaza does not recommend using the rename.pyw script anymore. Use’s MSFS Addons Linker instead to rename ModelLib files & MaterialLib folders like described in our FAQ.

v1.1.1 Changelog:
* Fixed incorrect layout.json backslashes on windows (this did not have any negative effect on your add-ons; if you see any incorrect backslashes (“\\”) inside your layout.json files, run v1.1.1 again and they will be converted to normal “/” slashes)
* Prevented old layout.json.bak backup files from getting overwritten by new backup files

v1.1.0 Changelog:
* Renamed fix.pyw script to rename.pyw
* Added duplicate_check.pyw script
* Improved folder traversing to find add-ons
* Prevented “Official” add-on files and certain folders (fs-base*, asobo_*, base_*) from getting renamed
* Added JSON file parse error handling
* Removed warning message when file inside layout.json can’t be found
* Removed *_modelLib_* and *_materials_* from renamed files
* Improved file rename error checking
* Added layout.json.bak backup file creation after layout.json content changes after renaming
* Other various improvements
* Improved README.txt

Rename.pyw will rename all “ModelLib” files and “MaterialLib” folders of your MSFS 2020 community add-ons to prevent conflicts between them.

Duplicate_check.pyw will read all ICAO codes of your MSFS 2020 airports and check for duplicates. No modifications are made to any files.

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