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Simulacion Extrema – SCAS Cabo Juan Roman Airport v1.0.0

New version available: > v1.0.0 (Marketplace?)(See Update List)

Cabo 1 Β° Juan RomΓ‘n Aerodrome (SCAS)

Located in the AysΓ©n region and located in the city of Puerto AysΓ©n in the heart of Chilean Patagonia. This is one of the most touristic sectors of the middle Patagonia and is access to renowned places such as Puerto Cisnes, Coyhaique, Cerro Castillo and Catedrales de MΓ‘rmol among others.

This aerodrome is for civil use and has a 1300 x 23 meter runway, which allows the traffic of small to medium-sized aircraft. At present it is widely used for medical evacuations giving integral support to the health system of the region.
Nearest airports (SCCY) Coyhaique and (SCBA) Balmaceda.

This scenario includes the Aerodrome with its latest improvements to runways and taxis as well as points of interest in the area such as the Presidente IbaΓ±ez Bridge, known to tourists as the β€œLittle San Francisco Bridge” in Patagonia.
The port of Chacabuco was also incorporated, specifically the boarding dock, some warehouses and the ferry that operates in Chilean Patagonia.



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