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Simulacion Extrema – SCIP Mataveri International Airport v1.5.0

Warning: This airport conflicts with SoFly SCIP airport, only use one of the two (SoFly recommended if you want a better airport, Simulacion Extrema if you want more landmarks).
The stage is the closest exterior representation to the real state of the airport, in addition the stage has the most famous tourist spots worldwide such as AHU’s Tongariki, Nau Nau, Tahai and the Ranu Kao crater.

All ground services available.

The Mataveri International Airport (in rapanui mata veri, ‘beautiful eyes’), or Easter Island Airport (IATA: IPC, ICAO: SCIP), located in Rapa Nui, Chile, is the most remote airport in the world, located at 2,603 km from Mangareva airport (Gambier Islands, French Polynesia)
its nearest airfield, although it has no routes in common with it. It is 3,759 km from the Comodoro Arturo Merino BenΓ­tez International Airport (Santiago) and 4,254 km from Papeete (Tahiti) airport, with which it does share flights.

The airport has a 3,438-meter (11,281-foot) runway.

The Mataveri International Airport is public.
and it is the main entry point for hundreds of tourists, who travel to Easter Island to see its archaeological sites. The airport houses a bar-restaurant, a large number of souvenir shops and a luggage storage area, where various hotels and inns on the island have kiosks.



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