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SimWorks Studios – Okavango Delta v1.2.0 (Updated)

Warning: Completely broken after Sim Update 14, not recommended at the moment.

Note: This is the actual v1.2.0 update, the developer used the wrong version number last time.

v1.2.0 (Updated):
– Added new airports and camps where specified:
– Chitabe FBME
– Delta FBDT
– Kanana FBKK
– Khwai FBKR
– Mapula FBND
– Ntswi FBND and camp
– Pom Pom FBNO
– Rann FBMQ
– Sanctuary FBMB
– Seronga FBSH
– Shakawe FBSW
– Shindi FBMJ and camp
– Xaxaba FBXB and camp
– Xugana FBXG

– Added travelling animals. Some will run away from you if approached.
– Improved animal LOD switching
– Minor fixes to existing camps and airstrips

Created in cooperation with Area77 Simulations, we are proud to present Okavango Delta!

Visit one of the planet’s most diverse and untouched natural habitats! A prime safari destination and a bush pilot’s dream, the Okavango delta has been created in exquisite detail with the intent of offering sim pilots and virtual tourists an experience like no other!

Created from the ground up using the best techniques available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the SWS Okavango delta is not just a scenery, but an experience like no other! Whether flying, droning or driving, there is always something to see as the Okavango wetlands are teeming with animals, tourists and safari camps.


• 9200 sq. km of scenery with hand-placed wetlands and objects
• More than 12000 animals spread around the area
• Nine custom airstrips
• Six camps modelled in very high detail with building interiors: Abu, Nxabega, Xigera, Chief’s camp, Mombo, Guma
• Many smaller camps and tour groups
• Multiple helipads scattered around the delta
• A repaint of the C208 in the imaginary “Safari Wings” livery
• Two bush trips to fly around the delta



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