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SimWorks Studios – Pilatus PC–12/47 v1.2.6

Note: See README.txt after extracting! Optional add-on folders have been slightly renamed, as always make sure to delete them first if you are updating from a previous version.

– Exterior:
– Re-exported all exterior LODs
– Optimized draw calls
– Corrected various decal placements
– Fixed backwards propeller on 5-bladed
– Revised rivet textures for proper bump mapping
– Added missing stencil and fastener decals
– Corrected exhaust positioning + exhaust effect origin
– Corrected exhaust cover model to reflect exhaust amendments
– Optimized drawcall, topology of all exterior LOD’s

– Interior:
– Material clean-up
– Added correct baggage shelf and netting
– Re-export of all Submodel and main models
– Various decal corrections
– Removed floating decal artifact on pilot side
– Moved environment occluder + clickspots in main interior model (previously utilized as submodel)
– Added corrected cargo nets for all variants (cargo needs Baggage shelf net removed)
– Added a large amount of missing fastener decals
– Added mesh to carpets at seams and seat/cargo railing boundaries
– Fixed interior door for certain LOD’s not linked to animation helper
– Corrected mis-colored LIT typeface on overhead panels
– Corrected interior windshield rain; rain no longer flows over the heating elements
– Revised draw calls (WIP) and topology/material utilization for all interior LOD’sampling
– Corrected black VS/Cabin gauges at night with cockpit lit
– Tablet brackets adjusted to not obscure screen corners
– All interior textures revisted and revised where required

– Cockpit:
– Reversed whisky compass animation and revised texture

– Executive interior:
– Added clickspot on co-pilot headrest to show/hide passengers

– Cargo interior:
– Added cargo pallets and straps
– Added cargo shelf baggage
– Minor adjustments
– Added cargo payload LODs

– Commuter:
– Added clickspot on co-pilot headrest to show/hide passengers

– All cabins:
– Minor improvements and corrections
– New material setup


– General:
– All avionics updated to latest source code version

– EFIS50:
– Added start-up and warm-up timers
– Refactored codebase and bugfixes
– Corrected Autopilot annunciations
– Autopilot NAV and APPROACH ARM and ACTIVE modes synchronised

– Altimeter:
– Left altimeter tied to its appropriate circuit


– Engine:
– Fixed bugs in condition lever operation
– Test Lamp switch should also turn on the autotrim lights

– Autopilot:
– Synchronised APR and NAV indications to EFIS

– Condition lever:
– Condition lever now makes use of LOCK interface
– Fixed tooltip names

– Modified “500” callout to not play when starting on the ground
– Added TERR 30 and 60 second and activated TEST/INOP lights
– Added TERRAIN warnings

– GPS annunciators:
– Added power circuit to turn them off

– Trim:
– Fixed INOP rudder trim knob
– Redid yoke trim knob in order to fix INOP aileron trim. Tooltip cut down to basic version

– Engine:
– Fixed bug that causes the prop blades to appear backwards


– Engines.cfg:
– Removed 25 degrees pitch from efficiency tables
– Adjusted low pitch settings for 4-bladed propeller
– Modified propeller efficiency at lower speeds
– Turned propeller from 1 to 0.5 degrees left

– Flight_model.cfg:
– Adjusted flap induced drag
– Increased flap drag
– Modified steering parametres to improve ground turns
– Revised flight model to improve yaw stability
– Reduced rudder trim effectiveness
– Reduced yaw moment of inertia


– Typographic corrections

Powered by a 1200hp engine and a 4 or 5-bladed propeller, the PC-12 can easily operate out of short, unprepared strips as well as paved runways, while Its superb engineering ensures a smooth flight even in adverse weather conditions. Versatile by design, the PC-12 can be configured for use an executive transport, commuter, cargo carrier or even air ambulance. Developed with the help of Pilatus Aircraft and Fly7 Executive Aviation, the SWS PC-12/47 aspires to be our best and most varied turboprop rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date!

Visuals: High quality model of the aircraft’s exterior with many custom animations:

• 4 and 5-bladed propeller
• Trailing link landing gear
• Nose wheel steering with free castering
• Engine bypass flap and springs (connecting to landing gear)
• Custom flap and actuator animations
• Trim tabs
• Animated de-icing boots
• Prop beta/reverse
• Propeller vortices
• Preflight: engine cowling, fuel filter compartment, tail compartment
• Horizontal stabilator trim
• Covers with strips reacting to wind speed, direction and inclined parking
• 13 total liveries, with nine custom and one white livery in different interior configurations
• Three different cabin configurations with -again- many custom animations

Flight model and systems: The SWS team were flown in the PC-12 and then spent a week training in the PC-12 simulator at the Fly7 Training Center, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Being ableto experience first-hand how the real aircraft handles, we strived to recreate it as closely as MSFS allows. Some highlights of the flight model include:

• Engine torque effect on yaw
• Correct handling response
• Exceptional stability in inclement weather
• Realistic flap deployment timings, lift and drag effects, including crosswind limitations
• Nose down approach attitude, correctly reproduced down to flaps 30 (MSFS limitation at 40)
• Custom nose wheel steering with free-castering operation when differential brakes are used
• Fast engine response to pilot input
• Manual override control
• Correct propeller beta and reverse operation
• Custom ITT simulation including altitude limiting

Systems: Numerous custom systems are included with the SWS PC-12:

• Custom EFIS50
• Revue Thommen DC20 Chronometer
• Custom aileron-rudder interconnect system
• Custom yaw damper
• Stick shaker and pusher
• Environmental Control System
• Cabin Pressurisation Control System
• Usable circuit breakers
• Compatibility with PMS50 GTN, TDS GTNXi and Sky4Sim tablet (See README.txt)

Sounds: The SWS PC-12 contains more than 2800 authentic sounds recorded from multiple real aircraft to realistically represent the aircraft inside and out:

• Different sounds for 4 and 5-bladed propellers
• Authentic engine sounds
• Gear and flap actuators
• Air conditioning
• Aircraft electromechanical sounds such as pumps, inverters
• Exits
• Aural warnings and avionic sounds
• Audible switches, levers, doors, windows – if it moves, it can be heard!
• Many ambient sounds



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