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SkySorceress – ULLY Kronshtadt Airport & Saint–Petersburg Landmarks v1.2.0

Warning: The landmarks of this add-on conflict with AviaJam Production Saint-Petersburg City Landmarks, only use one of the two (SkySorceress recommended).
– Added:
– Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, building #3
– Memorial “Neizvestnomu shoferu” (To Unknown Driver) in willage Dus’evo in the memory of Road of Life to sieged Leningrad
– Alexander Nevsky Monument near the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra
– Aleksandrovskoi Fermy bridge
– “Svetlanovsky” shopping mall
– Lenvodhoz building
– Kronstadt Naval Cathedral
– Tower in ULLY airfild
– 2 helicopters in ULLY airfild
– Buyan-class corvette “Zelenyy Dol”
– Вepot of Moscow railway station
– Ivanovskaya railway station
– Lyuban railway station
– Tikhvin railway station
– Tikhvin stela, cinema, hotel and administration building
– Boksitogorsk stela, bus station, grocery shop
– Pikalyovo stela
– Some texture optimization

– Renewed:
– The Bronze Horseman monument
– Monument to Nicholas I

This was created for all lovers of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 air system, who would like to enrich their experience of flights over the excellent attractions of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.


• Over 100 landmarks included
• Fly over historical buildings and architectural masterpieces, such as the Hermitage, Isaac’s Cathedral and the Palace bridge
• Divide the shores of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, passing by the ships, including the Small Corvette and the submarine of project 877 “Paltus”
• Take a look at the city from a height, taking off from the helicopter site near the Peter and Paul Fortress (Ullq) or the Bull Field airfield (ULLY)
• Feel the atmosphere of history, flying over Kronstadt, Ladoga Station, Summer Garden and other places rich in cultural heritage

Download the addon and go on an unforgettable journey over the beautiful corners of St. Petersburg and its environments!



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