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Torrenting Guide

Protecting yourself

Downloading files over public torrents will expose your IP address to other peers.

Without sugarcoating anything: If copyright holders get a hold of your IP address while you download one of their files, they could possibly sue you.

Due to that fact, you need to hide your IP address with the help of a VPN. We recommend doing your own research on what provider to use.

Also make sure your VPN program has a “Kill switch” enabled, meaning if the connection to the VPN servers goes down, your internet cuts off. Otherwise your actual IP address could get exposed during an outage like that.

Technical information

  • SimPlaza torrents are offered via a torrent file under each post, we recommend using qBittorrent to open the torrent file & download the add-on.
  • We currently use multiple trackers which you can see inside the torrent files, including “udp://”, “udp://”, “udp://”, “udp://” and “udp://”.
  • All torrents are created with a piece size of 256kb.