Europe, MSFS 2020 Airport, UK2000 Scenery

UK2000 Scenery – EGPF Glasgow Airport v1.1.0

v1.1.0 Changelog:
– ILS adjusted
– Ironed out taxiway bumps, if you see any more, then let us know.(there will still be undulations, but no sharp bumps).

Glasgow International Airport (EGPF) serves west Scotland and Glasgow. The airport began it’s life in 1932 as a HMS air station at Abbotsinch. Today Glasgow is the busiest of the three main Scottish airports, with passengers expected to exceed 10 million a year very soon.

Our scenery is made with HD photographic images that uses PBR materials. With high detail models researched and based on the real airport including both large and small details to enhance your flight sim experience. With the advantages of the MSFS engine, we can now bring you sloping runways and enhanced lighting effects not previously possible with other simulators. In addition to airport scenery we also include general aviation static aircraft scenery to complement and enhance the airport, but will not affect or clash with AI traffic.


  1. Jammybear

    This airport seems to be crashing the sim for me. Previous version was working fine. Looks like I’ll need to revert back if others are also crashing?

    • Comment by post author

      Try removing every other add-on except this one to confirm it’s EGPF itself causing the crash. If not, try renaming all modellib.bgl files and materials folders with MSFS Addons Linker ( or our MSFSAddonFixer.

  2. Jammybear

    Thanks for the reply. All working fine now – bad timing and a coincidence that after installing this, I got a VC140 crash to desktop. Reinstalled VC and airport working fine. Weird that only this one seemed to be affected but all good now.

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