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Adi S. – Kitfox Speedster Series 7 v3.2.0

Introducing, the Kitfox Speedster Series 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 by Project Stratosphere, developed by Adi S.

The Kitfox Speedster Series 7 by Denny Kitfox is a single engine, 2 seater, amateur built kit plane. The speedster variant of the Kitfox Series 7 line up is much like the Speedster Series 4, but with shorter wings and a faster roll rate compared to other Kitfox aircraft, to increase speed and roll rate. The Kitfox brand has a reputation for making high performance aircraft, capable of extremely short landings and takeoffs, which is excellent for bush flying. Kitfox offers a series of engines to be implemented into their aircraft, all made by the Austrian company Rotax. This addon features the Rotax 912 iS, a four-stroke piston engine, with the capability of producing up to 100 horsepower. This engine is paired with an Airmaster Propeller. These propellers come with a controller system, to change the angle of the blade. This controller has been implemented in this addon.


• Accurate flight model
• 2 variants (Wheel pant and bushwheel)
• Airmaster Propeller Controller System
• Working circuit breakers
• Smoke effect
• High quality 8K PBR texturing
• High quality model
• 26″ Airstreak Bushwheels
• 7 Liveries
• G3X Screen
• GTR200 Radio Panel
• GTN750
• 3 Backup Gauges
• 3 Cockpit Configurations (Gauge/GTN750/Empty)
• Accurate sounds
• Detailed documentation
• And much more!


• The switch to turn on the smoke effect can be found behind the left seat.
• The smoke effect should not be turned on when the aircraft is stationary. The collection of smoke particles may result in a loss of framerate.
• A detailed documentation is also included in the addon folder (adi-kitfox-speedster) in the official folder directory.



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