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Aerosoft – EDDB Berlin Brandenburg Airport v2.2.0

Warning: This airport conflicts with Red Wing Simulations EDDI airport, only use one of the two (Aerosoft recommended).

Note: To use VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System), see “Extras\README.txt”.

Note: To add/remove various objects on the airport, go to “aerosoft-airport-eddb-berlin-brandenburg\scenery\world\scenery” and rename the following files:

• Add 3D people around airport and inside BER terminal and tower”: -> eddb_ls_airport_people.bgl
• Remove BER terminal and tower interiors / furniture: eddb_ls_airport_interiors.bgl ->
• Remove Static aircraft: eddb_ls_airport_static.bgl ->
• Remove Static vehicles and clutter around stands: eddb_ls_airport_vehicles.bgl ->

Note: To add/remove custom ground traffic, go to “aerosoft-airport-eddb-berlin-brandenburg\scenarii\EDDB_LS_mission_worldscript” and rename the following files:

• Add Apron E: -> EDDB_LS_AI_ApronE.spb
• Add Roads toward terminal landside: -> EDDB_LS_AI_Landside01.spb
• Add Perimeter security north: -> EDDB_LS_AI_PerimeterNorth.spb
• Add Perimeter security south: -> EDDB_LS_AI_PerimeterSouth.spb
• Add Additional dense traffic around BER terminal: -> EDDB_LS_AI_Terminal.spb
• Remove Light traffic around BER terminal: EDDB_LS_AI_Terminal_light.spb ->

– NEW: Previously missing and additional people and vehicles added at government terminal (“red carpet”)
– NEW: Overlapping parking positions added, many additional D positions plus B8 and B16 now with working jetways (note that overlapping parking positions sharing the same jetway are still not possible in MSFS so each jetway has one stand only)
– NEW: Updated airline assignments for many stands (many thanks to alivo2k!)
– FIXED: Animated traffic not showing
– FIXED: Less strong apron bumpmap
– FIXED: Flickering GPUs on E apron
– FIXED: Raised firefighter trainer (was sunken in terrain before)
– FIXED: Shifted passenger stairs at government A350
– FIXED: Removed “walker through the window” at Gate C10
– FIXED: Fuel station between main aprons was too bright at night
Being among the most popular MSFS sceneries, Berlin Brandenburg (BER) is now available in version 2!

The DLC covers the capital city’s main and only active airport BER as well as the former Airport Berlin Schönefeld. Fly government personnel and guests to the new reception area with its own terminal and apron, fly tourists on sightseeing flights over the not too distant city center or simply carry freight and/or passengers from one of the terminals.

Being in the center of Europe, BER offers you innumerable opportunities for your occasional after-work flight while the airport also caters for wide body jets that bring you to more distant destinations in the Americas, Asia and Africa.


• Features a highly accurate recreation of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (EDDB, BER)
• Now with working VDGS safegate system (Aerosoft module, not for Xbox)
• Brand new highly detailed government terminal with reception area for the German Capital‘s government VIP‘s including presidents, premier ministers, kings and queens…
• Highly detailed models of airport terminals, hangars, buildings and other airport facilities
• Accurate taxiway, apron and stands layout (including the new apron E and A extensions as well as other recent modifications)
• Realistically placed GSE (complete replacement since previous version) and hundreds of additional clutter objects
• Moving traffic with animations and sounds on both landside and airside
• People inside and outside terminals – some animated
• Multiple custom static aircraft at long term parking positions
• Custom aerial image covering the airport and nearby area
• Detailed terrain elevation data lets you feel almost every tiny slope that is there in real world when taxiing (e.g. taxiways tilted sideways for sewage reasons)
• Custom animated jetways
• Custom taxiway signage
• Realistic night time dynamic lighting
• New Easyjet hangar, new hotel at airport plaza and other buildings recently constructed
• Advanced lighting system for taxiways with custom made models for this airport
• VFR scenery surroundings like Waltersdorf shopping complex, skydive center, autobahn flyovers, bridges and more bring the surrounding scenery to life.
• LODs for all models (=models become less detailed the further you move away from them for improved performance)



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