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Cowan Simulation – MD Helicopters 500E v2.1.0

– SU15 governor code requirements updated to fix any governor issues
– Glass panel G3X screens are brighter and can be adjusted with the “INST. LIGHTS” potentiometer
– Multiplayer sounds were fixed to sync up the engine and rotor sound distances
– Fixed governor glitch where the governor target was too low without hitting the beep switch
– Changed search light to taxi light to separate them
– Fixed small bugs with the weight and balance options
– Cameras redone
The CowanSim 500E is our newest edition and now available on PC. At Cowan Simulation we strive for perfection and continuously update our fleet using valuable feedback from pilots around the world.

CowanSim flight models are pilot tested, approved and developed with the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK. No external flight model/dynamics or programs are used to provide a seamless user experience.

The throttle and idle stop on this model can be mapped to your hardware. All other bindings are functional as well. This helicopter uses persistence code to save your weight and balance settings, as well as all visible options/models, for your next flight. Please read the manual that comes with this helicopter, it will answer a lot of your questions and has a clear explanation for all hardware bindings. The manual is located inside of the package folder. For your convenience, there is an online manual and checklist that you can find at:

Options like the Cineflex camera, passengers, spray kit, spotlight and more are available through the weight and balance settings window. Your settings will be saved for your next flight.

The 500E comes with 63 liveries, and an easy-to-use paint kit is provided in GIMP and Adobe Photoshop formats. A Blender model is also provided for all the 3D painters out there.


• Custom Bindable Throttle
• All Default Bindings Work
• Bindings Explained in Manual
• Detailed Manual
• Detailed Paint Kit
• Persistence Saves Weight & Balance
• Persistence Saves Options for Next Flight
• Tested and Zeroed in by Real Pilots
• Realistic Start-Up Procedure
• Realistic Systems
• Working Breakers
• 2 Panel Variants (G530/430/GTN/GX3/Analog)
• PMS GTN 650/750 Integration
• TDS GTNXi 650/750 Integration
• Floats
• Front and Rear Removeable Doors
• Functional Windshield Visors
• Optional Exhaust Blur FX
• Optional Downwash FX
• Vibration Animations
• Pilots & Passengers
• 63 Paint Jobs (liveries)
• Dynamic Weight Options
• Functional and Bindable Spot/Search Light
• Spray Kit (static model)
• Animated Cineflex Camera
• Wwsie Fully Dynamic Sound Pack
• Fully VR Ready
• Realistic Flight Dynamics
• 4K PBR Textures
• Custom 3D instruments
• Detailed Night Lighting
• Accurate 3D Modeling
• 4K PBR Textures



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