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Flight Replicas – PA–11 Cub Special v1.2.1

Considered by many to be the ultimate Cub, the Cub Special was effectively an intermediate stage between the famous J-3 and the equally famous PA-18 Super Cub. Featuring greater horsepower than the J-3, the Cub Special was known for its high performance, without sacrificing the light-weight simplicity of the J-3 airframe. Principle changes from the J-3 were an enclosed cowling over the more powerful engine, with the engine thrust angle canted downwards 4 degrees; the fuel tank was increased in capacity to 17 gallons and relocated to the port wing; the wing struts were redesigned; the windscreen was also re-designed, to be more aerodynamic: the seats were re-designed. with square backs that provided more support; and the cross bracing between the instrument panel and the firewall removed the tubes from the instrument panel to between the rudder pedals which give a little more foot room in the front. The PA-11 is also flown most often from the front seat, unlike the J-3, although it can in fact be soloed from either seat.

The PA-11 was first flown in 1945, and a total of 1323 were built before the PA-18 Super Cub took over.

The PA-11 Cub Special is a two-seat, single-engine, high-wing light airplane by Piper Aircraft of the United States. The Cub Special is based on the company’s extremely popular J-3 Cub. It features a number of improvements on the J-3, notably a larger engine, enhancing its performance over that of its progenitor.

The Cub Special took its first flight in August of 1946 and it was introduced in 1947. Produced from 1947 to 1949, 1,541 were built, with some being modified with floats for water operations, and a few converted with tricycle landing gear. The airframe served as the basis for the company’s PA-18 Super Cub.

The PA-11 Cub Special measures 22 feet, 4 inches in length and has a wingspan of 35 feet, 2 inches. It has a tandem, two-seat cockpit, a standard tail unit, and a traditional undercarriage. It is powered by a Continental C90-8 4-cylinder engine that produces up to 90 horsepower and turns a 2-blade fixed-pitch wooden propeller. It has a range of 350 miles, cruises at 100 miles per hour, stalls at 40 mph, and has a maximum speed of 112.

With the PA-11 Cub Special, Piper Aircraft took the great and made it even better. With better range, faster cruising, and a higher ceiling than the wildly successful J-3, aviators can enjoy their time in the air that much more.



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