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FlyInside – Bell 206 v2.88.0

Note: See README.txt after extracting!
– Adds floats!
– Improves water physics with realistic floats handling
– Improves aircraft external lighting
– Corrects compass lubber line
– Improves water particle effects
– Resolves glitches with multiplayer particle effects
– Resolves oil door graphical glitch
– Updates Bonus Livery Pack
– Adds G-TROG livery
Flight Dynamics:

The FlyInside B-206 integrates a custom flight model. Working closely with an on staff experienced 206 pilot and current owner, it’s as real as it gets!

With a custom flight dynamics engine, initially developed for FlyInside Flight Simulator, our helicopter flight models provide an authentic helicopter flight experience.

Realistic collective/cyclic/pedal response, ground effect, flap-back, transverse flow, torque/yaw, VRS, auto-rotation capabilities, and much more are all supported!

Perform real helicopter maneuvers in sim. Autorotations, quick-stops, confined area ops… if you can do them in the real aircraft, you can do them in sim!


Enjoy realistic aircraft systems with full simulation of turbine startup/shutdown procedures, weight and balance, as well as support for multiple failures Such as Hydraulics, Over-Torque, Rotor Overspeed, Hot starts and much more.

Every toggle switch and Circuit breaker are interactive and functional, GPS and radio navigation are both supported. Opening windows and doors. Fully animated and interactive secondary controls like rotor brake, cockpit vents and a full suite of dimmable cockpit lighting. Everything functions as it should. Great for procedures training!

Our 206 helicopter also includes HeliManager, allowing you to tailor the flight controls to you particular joystick setup. And Artificial Stability sliders to help you learn to fly without stress, making it a joy to fly with a standard 4-axis joystick or controller.


Our extremely detailed artwork will make you feel as if you’re really sitting inside a 206. 4K PBR materials and textures, fully interactive switches, and realistic spatial sounds come together for an incredible experience. Turbine/Rotor drive and control systems are fully modeled and animated.

The helicopter even has 3d scanned internals from a real 206, so you can open hatches to view the turbine, transmission, and hydraulics.

Pick the look you want, the FlyInside B-206 includes 20+ liveries (and climbing) to suit your needs!


• Revolutionary and realistic flight model, developed and tested by an experienced 206 pilot
• Support for full helicopter flight physics including effective translational lift, ground effect, transverse flow, flap-back, auto-rotation, and more
• Support for failures and dangerous flight regimes including vortex ring state, engine failure, and retreating blade stall
• Detailed 3D model with high quality PBR textures and animated drive and control systems
• Live inspection doors with 3d turbine, transmission, and internal models
• Openable doors and windows
• Dynamic and adjustable night lighting
• Realistic startup and shutdown procedures
• Fully interactive cockpit with full systems, switches, and circuit breaker
• High-fidelity audio based upon 100+ sound effects, including switches and latch sounds recorded from the real thing
• Highly customizable realism settings allow for a smooth, easier flight model for those who are less experienced, and a hardcore, realistic flight model for the veterans experienced with the complex and challenging flight dynamics of helicopters



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