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GazSim – UKKM Antonov / Hostomel Airport v1.0.1

– Fixed a bug where players would not see the tracked crane near Ramp #3. This was occurring to players if they had purchased a 3rd party airport and chosen to remove the included Microsoft St. Gallen-Altenrhein airport. UKKM now includes it’s own tracked crane, and is not dependent on the base version from Microsoft.
– Added PAPI4 Lighting system to primary and secondary positions for Rway 33/15.
– Removed the generic “Light orbs” that Microsoft Flight Simulator produces on the taxiways. Night lighting will now be more realistic as a result.
– Moved Hangar #2 slightly back to allow players more room to turn the AN-225 (please note its extremely narrow in real life – and the craft would not enter this area under it’s own power), but I am attempting to give a slightly greater turning circle.
– Reduced size and moved the display signs/flags adjacent to the AN-225 hangar to allow more space for AN-225 wingspan
– Moved flood lights and flag pole at corners of taxiway area to allow more room for AN-225 wingspan
– Removed some Guardsmen to reduce their presence across the airport, generally. Now they are present at key entrance/choke points, plus a couple near the AN-225 Hangar and some nearby the main Tower.
– Updated Manual – spelling/grammar
– Future Updates : considering adjustments to static aircraft positioning based on feedback. Example: exclusion addons available through the discord. Will consider and advise for next update. The 2nd AN-70 will be removed and replaced by an AN-12 currently in development.
UKKM Antonov-2 (Hostomel) is the Ukrainian home of the Antonov Design Bureau, and the one and only Antonov AN-225. As such this is no typical commercial airport. Antonov-2 is home to some of the most eccentric Antonov aircraft designs and has been a base for transport, special flights and testing since it’s inception!

From the 24th February 2022, the airport was heavily damaged as part of the invasion of Ukraine. The Battle of Hostomel saw the devastation of the hangars and the mighty AN-225, amongst many other historic and current Antonov aircraft parked on the main taxiways. Not to mention nearby areas of Hostomel.

This recreation of UKKM is designed to honour the lives lost at Hostomel Airport and indeed the legacy of the AN-225 and it’s sister craft.

I have painstakingly re-created all of the Antonov Aircraft based at Hostomel Airport (and some that weren’t!). From the high engine mounted AN-74, to the little AN-2 historical workhorse; from the mighty breadth of the AN22 and it’s enchanting navigation windows, to the marvel of engineering that is the AN-225 – all of these craft are a piece of Ukrainian and Antonov history, and you can experience them all now, in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

The Antonov designs hold a magic curiosity – a unique aesthetic – very much different to the western designs of the era. For me these represent the spirit of Antonov design and the greater Hostomel. And I hope you enjoy experiencing the Airport as it always should be.

10% of the net proceeds of sales will go toward the rebuilding effort for this aircraft.


• Over 50 Custom static and animated buildings and aircraft
• 2K and 4K PBR Materials
• The famous AN-225 Hangar with Static AN-225 Aircraft. The Aircraft also de-spawns when you choose to fly your own AN-225 or an Aircraft of choice!
• 2 Animated Hangars. Based on the real-world counterparts, the Hangars’ doors automatically open from 8am-8pm and can also be manually opened by the player after hours
• TimeShift Visual Feature on the AN-225 Hangar – a memorial allowing you to view the tragic aftermath of the Antonov AN-225’s demise when you set the date to: 24th February 2022
• Animated Antonov AN124 – Animated Cargo Doors with a special surprise!
• Over 10 Antonov Static and Animated aircraft, featuring: Antonov AN2, AN22, AN30, AN70, AN74, AN148, AN124, AN225, Bayraktar Drones, various spare supply craft, Ukrainian Buses and even some special guest tractors?
• Fully re-created taxiways, with added ILS, upgraded to international standards
• Animated Airport Staff Entrance Gate, animated shuttle bus route and staff recreational area
• History Museum. The main taxiway corridor has been flanked with a variety of Antonov Aircraft, as they reside in real life. Each aircraft also has a small display with history about the aircraft and it’s origins

Originally meant to be a free product, but the Author decided to charge for it instead. Only 10% of every sale on Orbx is donated to Antonov, so you can get it here and donate to any other Ukrainian fund instead if you want, like this one.



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