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How To Fly – How To Fly IFR

Whats Inside:

The crucial knowledge you need to know.

You will be able to understand how IFR works, even if you are new to it.

… and the 200+ images will clarify the concepts.


So that you don’t get frozen when ATC talks to you.

Do you remember the first time you received a message like this?

“Cleared to Descend 6000ft, QNH 1017, Turn Right Heading 240º, Cleared for the ILS 27 Approach, Report Established on the Localizer and Glide Slope Captured.”

You will have a clear foundation of all the communications you can receive, including the reasons, what each phrase means, and every combination that they might say on the radio.

Flight Planning:

This guide includes a checklist with the most time-efficient way of planning for a flight.

Follow it to make sure your flight is safe, correct and within legal boundaries.


Everything from SID, Omnidirectional departures, the sections of an approach, PBN, ILS, minimum gradients, and so on.

You will have a guide that outlines how to fly every kind of procedure, the regulations and an explanation on how to read each chart.

Structured in the same way as the flight unfolds, you will be prepared to fly to any kind of airport.

You will anticipate what is to come.



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