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Lionheart Creations – Bucker Bu–131 Jungmann v1.3.3

– Fixes ‘dust effects’ issue that pulled down framerate when taking off or landing on a dirt field
Nicknamed the Strativarius of antique light aircraft of the 1930’s, the Bucker Bü-131 came to be 1934 with its first flight occurring on April 27th of that year. The Jungmann (pronounced Young man) was designed by Karl Bücker. The first model of Jungmann, the Bü-131A, went into production and rapidly became an extremely popular aircraft of that time, with most of Europe wanting these to train their pilots. Not long after the release of the 80HP Bü-131A did the Bücker Flugzuegbau firm release their second Edition version of the bi-plane, the Bü-131B mode. The B had the updated new Hirth A-2 sporting 105 HP. This new version was then licensed out to many European countries including Spain, Japan, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Switzerland. (Many years later, other countries would go into a limited production runs of the popular design).

This version of the Bücker Bü-131B by Lionheart Creations is the Swiss model which 99 units were produced in Switzerland. This particular ‘flight simulation model’ shows you a ‘modernized version’ of one that would be typically owned and ‘modified’ to todays standards, which includes fitting of radios (COM1 and Transponder) and NAV lights for night flying.

The Jungmann Bu-131B features 14 different liveries. I sought to make them all look totally different from each other. I also wanted to reflect how they changed from the original. These represent ‘todays’ Bucker Bu-131’s, not the exact original. These represent planes that would realistically have been modded through the many decades of ownership through several owners hands. I have included show planes, rough planes, and what appear to be training planes from the WWII era.

Instruments Features:

• Amazing replicated German instrument bazels mapped and painted in Substance Painter in PBR materials
• Asobo high performance 3D Instrumentation for better frame rates
• Asobo COM1 and Transonder system
• Basic Autopilot System with ALT and HDG
• Illuminated instrumentation
• Adjustable Dimmer Rocker Switch for Panel
• lights to dim down the light value on Instruments

Exterior Features:

• 15 Paint schemes in 4K resolution
• Bump mapped exterior fabric tape lines
• Brilliant detailed linkages and rigging details
• Maximum shock absorption landing gear for soft rough-terrain landing capabilities
• Customizable / Editable Registration system
• High detail engine model
• Asobo new technology decals that hover over the fuselage surface, in old German font
• Beautiful 3d replicated ribbing under fabric
• Asobo prop blade technology that has side view only versions and front view only versions that fade as you go from side to font views
• Amazing camera views, interior and exterior

Added Features:

• Famous Asobo Rain Effects on the windshield perspex for high realism rainy day flights
• Plexi detail map of scratches and scuffs for a nice touch of realism
• Clickable changing German-to-English



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