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Microsoft – Aero Vodochody Ae–45 & Ae–145 v1.0.27

The Ae-45 is a twin-engine, low-wing utility aircraft developed and manufactured by Aero Vodochody of Czechoslovakia. Frequently referenced as the “Aero,” it can accommodate up to five passengers, including two in the cockpit. It took its maiden flight on July 21, 1947, and was introduced in 1948. The Ae-145 is an advanced version of the original Ae-45 that features supercharged engines, refined avionics, improved flight controls, and an enhanced canopy. A total of 590 of all Aero variants were built during a production run that spanned from 1947 to 1961; 162 of these were Ae-145s, built between 1959 and 1963.

The Ae-45, frequently referenced as the Aero 45, began as a concept in 1946 in the wake of World War II. A team of five Czechoslovak engineers sought to innovate an efficient, low-maintenance civil aircraft that could perform a variety of applications. Their work was fueled by national pride as much as by aerospace engineering aspiration; they sought to re-establish the Czechoslovakian aviation industry in the post-World War II era and propel it onto the global stage. They were so driven that they began working on and financing the concept on their own, without any state or industry sponsorship.

After roughly a year of toil, Aero Vodochody took notice and backed the engineers. The result was one of aviation’s most distinctive, rugged, and enduring performers. The all-metal design is made up of a high-visibility cabin, two powerful wing-mounted engines that provide speed and efficiency, and an innovative cockpit that maximizes pilot efficacy. Upon release, the Ae-45 (the 45 is a reference to it being a 4- or 5-seat aircraft) proved a fast, high-endurance, reliable craft that was easy to operate and maintain.



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