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Navigraph – Navdata Installers AIRAC Cycle 2406

Note: This upload only contains navigation data installers for certain aircraft & applications, for example ILS & SID/STAR/APPR data. It does NOT come with the Navigraph application for planning routes and viewing charts. If you want this you will need to purchase a “Navigraph Unlimited” subscription.

Note: Installers for the following MSFS aircraft are contained:

Aerosoft – CRJ 550/700/900/1000 Bundle:
Fenix Simulations – Airbus A320: fenix_a320_XXXX.rar
Just Flight – BAe 146 Professional: jf_146_prof_msfs_XXXX.rar
Leonardo Software House – Fly the Maddog X:
PMDG – Boeing 737-600: pmdg_737_msfs_XXXX.rar
PMDG – Boeing 737-700: pmdg_737_msfs_XXXX.rar
PMDG – Boeing 737-800: pmdg_737_msfs_XXXX.rar
PMDG – Boeing 737-900: pmdg_737_msfs_XXXX.rar

Any other MSFS aircraft not listed above uses built-in navigation data which can be found here.

Note: This Navdata Cycle is newer than the free one offered on, so it is recommended to purchase a “Navigraph Navigation Data” subscription if you want to use SimBrief. Alternatively you can use the outdated Cycle instead (not recommended).

Navdata (also known as FMS Data) is a general purpose dataset used for in a wide array of applications ranging from flight planning systems in the operations office to various navigational and performance systems onboard. Subsequently the data contains a massive amount of information to determine not only location of airports and waypoints, but also surface type and slope of runways, the layout of airport gates, navaid frequencies, holding patterns, obstacles close to defined routes, and much more.

Navigraph has provided navdata to the flight simulation community since October 2006 after the merger with Richard Stefan of NAVData-Service who had previously worked on similar data processing since 1999.

Our Navdata product is sourced from Jeppesen, a professional navdata provider for major airlines worldwide. The source data is tested and parsed into different data formats adapted to specific addon software designed to increase the realism of flight simulation. To get started, read more about the coverage and then subscribe, and when you are ready you can download data in the various addon formats using our Navdata apps, or, if you prefer, our individual data installers. With a subsciption you can also get current data in our SimBrief product, and a wide range of direct integrations including X-Plane Mobile and Volanta.

Since our Charts are also from Jeppesen, and are also updated each AIRAC cycle, using Navigraph’s services for both Navdata and Charts will result in the best possible match between data and charts.

We release new Navdata according to the AIRAC cycle which is numbered YYNN (where YY is the two last digits of the year and NN is the cycle number). A cycle is 28 days, thus there are 13 cycles in a year. The table below contains the planned release dates for the next few years.

See the Developer Directory for a list of the simulators and addon software we support.



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