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Warning: Causes broken terrain at St. Barts Island (TFFJ airport).

Note: As with every mesh add-on for MSFS, using it might cause elevation issues at airports if the developer did not properly exclude the areas. Use at your own risk.

South America, the fourth-largest continent, extends from the Gulf of Darién in the northwest to the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in the south. It is a continent of extremes and is home to the world’s largest river as well as the world’s driest place.

This is our largest in terms of coverage area with an installation size of just under 25GB. The entire Andes Mountain range has a resolution of 10 meters/pixel, whilst the rest of the continent has a resolution of 20 meters/pixel which has been interpolated to 10 meters/pixel resolution giving you a consistent experience.

Like our other Microsoft Flight Simulator mesh products, South America Mesh is a 100% self-contained product with no changes made to the default mesh or any other files. With virtually no noticeable performance impact, each LOD is consistent without any blurring and minimal LOD morphing.


• 10m DEM data for the Andes
• Minimal performance impact
• Compiled to reduce LOD morphing
• Self-contained product



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