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Parallel 42 – Juice Goose UTV v1.1.0

– Yellow Livery Added, Bumblebee anyone!?
– Optimized full vehicle decal sheet for repaints
– Updated vehicle title in vehicle selection menu.
– Added standalone cup texture.
– Reduce “shine” on interior surfaces.
– Eliminated the ability for flashlight mods to alter headlight color.
– Updated vehicle title in vehicle selection menu to reflect Juice Goose as manufacturer, repainters take note!
– Removed rogue test track ICAO from included scene.
An electric off-road Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) & Scene 42GB Goose Bowl

Designed to tackle a variety of challenging environments, such as rugged terrains, sandy dunes, and remote backcountry trails. The Juice Goose comes in 3 motor variants to cater to your driving style, 13 liveries, and optional vehicle accessories. The package also includes a custom //42 scene at 42GB Goose Bowl, which is a real-world playground for off-road vehicles and 12 terrain-optimized off-road playgrounds.

Juice Goose features Cruise Control, All-Wheel Drive, and Rear-Wheel Drive at the flip of a switch, as well as a Climb Assist mode to tackle steep gradients. Dynamic Steering offers safe control in high-speed turns but can be disengaged for the drifters out there.

This vehicle is a great way to enjoy other products, such as Campout Utility, Sunset Strip, Cedar Mountain or Hogsback Ranch.


• Endless good times solo or in multiplayer
• 3 motor hp variants, each with its own driving style (Crawler/Touring/Speedster)
• Optimized for Xbox Controllers
• Industry-standard drive control mapping, Forza Horizon style
• Cruise Control, so your trigger finger can rest
• Accurate ATV/UTV driving model & Study level suspension
• Customizable License Plate uses your “Tail Number”
• Inflatable “Otto” Copilot
• Removable vehicle options including roof, doors, windscreen, and more
• Multiplayer synced removable vehicle options for ultimate personalization
• Built-in portable radio provides a curated selection of driving tracks to get you goosin’
• PC players can customize radio station audio file
• Included 42GB Goose Bowl Scene provides a playground for Juice Goose adventures
• 42GB includes ramps, jumps, beachfront racing, and the best dunes in Oregon
• 42GB includes custom 3D objects, sounds & animations to provide an immersive dunes experience
• Explore! dune spots customized by //42 to correct ground type properties
• Explore! functionality in dash UI providing teleportation to the world’s best dune spots


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