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PMS50 – GTN750 Premium v2.2.30

Note: See README.txt after extracting!

Note: For a list of compatible aircraft & G1000 replacement packages, visit the developer website.

– Bugfix: Workaround to a WT issue: wrong DTK when the aircraft is on on the ground and not moving.
– Bugfix: The TOD waypoint position may be wrong.
– Bugfix: The flight page may be corrupted after a direct To a departure or arrival waypoint.
– Bugfix: Arrival altitude constraint type not displayed correctly.
– WTT mode: Added the “Revert Constraint” button to revert an edited constraint to the original published data.
– Bugfix: Autopilot re-engaging by itself after landing when there is no flight director in the aircraft.
– Aircraft developers can force the WTT mode.
– Bugfix: the “activate vectors to final” button was not greyed for the Asobo flight planner on the procedure page.
– G3X compatibility bug fixes after the latest SU15 beta update.
– Bugfix: the departure constraints are not displayed.
– Bugfix: the distance to destination field freezes the map page.
– The WT layer has been upgraded to the latest version of the framework. This is a major change so you are encouraged to keep the previous version somewhere and revert to it if you encounter a problem.
– The GTN750 can be configured as an external navigator for the WT G3X.
– Aircraft developers can now embed a specific version of the GTN750 in their package.
– Bugfix: WTT: importing a flight plan with user waypoints was not working in the previous versions (probably from 2.2.19).
– WT G3X compatibility code step 3.
– Removing a file from the package that overrides an Asobo avionics file. This override had no consequences on the sim but it no longer seems necessary.
– Smoothing the fuel ring display to avoid small fluctuations.
– WT G3X compatibility code step 2.
– Bugfix: the active leg was not displayed correctly in the flight plan page when flying the leg to the destination airport.
– Bugfix: opening the Navigraph charts panel may change the NAV source from GPS to VLOC.
– Bugfix: WT G3X compatibility code: approaches not working.
– Bugfix: With the helicopter models, the CDI button may not switch from VLOC to GPS. Bugfix: The flight plan synchronization to ATC may fail.
– Preparing the code for an upcoming WT G3X compatibility.
– WTT mode: Smoothing the transition from ALT to VS mode.
– APGA: bugfix: the WTT detection may fail in case of GPS hot swapping.
– APGA: workaround to an Asobo bug that may issue some unexpected H events after a flight restart. If you have installed one of the WTT additional package for the BrsDesign bonanza or debonair, the Erasam tecnam P92, the Milviz C310, you should upgrade it to the latest version.
– Increasing the nearest airspace refresh rate.
– WTT mode: added half/low bank management.
– WTT mode: added config parameters for bank angle values.
– WTT mode: added some code for checking the flight plan integrity.
– WTT mode: Added the manual arming altitude management. See the integrator’s guide.
– Safe taxi: the night view is now also set at sunset and sunrise times (only at night time in previous versions).
– Bugfix: the initial departure path may be wrong when starting from the parking.
The PMS50 GTN750 is a GPS instrument that looks similar as the original GARMIN GTN750.


• Audio panel
• Transponder
• Map
• Flight plan editing and leg
• Procedures with preview
• Direct To
• Waypoint pages
• Nearest pages
• Messaging
• In-game toolbar panel
• Asobo or Navigraph database
• Working Title compatibility
• Events for external control
• Map waypoint selection
• Map auto zoom
• Map waypoint elevation data
• NAVIGRAPH Charts (worldwide)*
• Traffic page (TCAS)
• Terrain page
• Weather radar
• FPL preview
• FPL import (File and SimBrief)
• FPL invert
• FPL Catalog (load and save)
• Airways
• Metar / TAF
• VCALC Utility
• User waypoints
• Timers
• Fuel planning
• SAR Patterns
• Checklists
• Visual approaches**
• Vectors to final**
• Holds**
• Road/Sat/IFR/VFR map***
• DALT/TAS/Winds
• Extended map fields
• Sim variables viewer
• VATSIM panel
• Safe taxi*
• DME / Radial info
• Track vector
• Fuel range rings

*Requires a Navigraph subscription for charts.
**Only for aircraft compatible with the Working Title Technology (WTT) or when using the toolbar panel GTN750 with an aircraft having a WT GPS in the cockpit.
***Requires a free Bingmap key for the Road and Satellite maps and a Navigraph subscription for charts for the IFR and VFR maps.



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