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SC Designs – F–5E Tiger II v1.0.1

Note: This is the latest version, the previous one was mistakenly marked as v1.0.2.
– Fixed flight model bugs with all new system to remove incorrect behaviours seen by some users
– Fixed fuel system bugs to ensure external tanks and crossfeed work correctly
– Fixed cockpit LOD models so that the higher-poly cockpit can be seen externally out to greater distances
– Improved code for numerous cockpit gauges to better reflect real-world measurements
– Improved angle of landing lights to better illuminate runway at night
– Altered landing light code to avoid “flashing” in the cockpit
– Added “huffer-cart” and cockpit ladder under automated visibility code
– Added drag-chute braking effect when landing (via spoiler deployment while in the landing roll)
– Temporarily removed oleo-extension animation until a better method can be developed
– Added new requirements to checklists
– Deeper weathering added to some liveries for improved variation
– Altered relevant .FLT files to prevent airshow smoke from displaying at flight start
– Added Patrouille Swiss livery
SC Designs are proud to bring the legendary F-5E Tiger II to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Fully native MSFS aircraft:

• All models have been coded with Microsoft Flight Simulator native ‘Model Behaviors’ animations and built to MSFS operational specifications to prevent issues with future simulator upgrades
• All custom cockpit instruments and screens are coded in HTML for native, high-performance display in MSFS
• The Tiger II makes use of the new simulator’s features such as effects and sounds, fully reflective glass, native aerodynamic sound structures, the new ‘Modern’ aerodynamics system with the ability to provoke ‘departure spins’, and customised visibility controls for wheel chocks and covers
• All F-5E-relevant animations, including extendable oleo gear leg for take-off
• MSFS SDK-compliant use of decals and materials for fine detail inside and out
• Fully compliant with Virtual Reality headsets


• High Fidelity virtual cockpit featuring accurately modelled ejector seat, controls and detailed texturing
• All analogue instruments constructed in 3D with smooth animations
• Reflective rear-view mirrors
• ‘Scratched canopy’ glass effects, reflective glass, icing and rain effects
• Crew figures in the virtual cockpit are coded to disappear when you occupy their seats
• Fully customisable crew helmet, name, flight suit patches and even faces

Aircraft systems:

• 3D modelled dials, ADI, ‘whiskey’ compass and other high-detail instruments designed to emulate the appearance of the real aircraft
• Display screens with visual layouts based on the real aircraft’s systems (within the confines of MSFS’ current capability)
• Custom-coded, user-controlled ordnance via the simulator Payload Manager, allowing for live mounting of weapons on hardpoints with active weight increase
• Functional multiplayer-compatible radar



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