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SiamFlight – VTBS Suvarnabhumi Airport v1.0.5

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Note: This airport conflicts with AviaJam Production VTBS airport (Bangkok Landmarks) and Double T VTBS airport, only use one of the three (SiamFlight recommended).
– DRAW CALLS Optimization Update!
– SimObjects re-modeled and re-coded Optimization.
– Models optimization.
– Airport vehicle’s texture upgraded (both dynamic and static, WIP-still more to come).
– Concourse light effect added.
– Reduce static models quite a bit.
– 3rd runway aerial image update and prepared.
Siamflight VTBS/BKK MSFS2020

Suvarnabhumi Airport. (ICAO: VTBS, IATA: BKK) “su-wan-na-poom”. The name Suvarnabhumi was chosen by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej which means “The Golden Land”, specifically referring to the continental Indochina. “Golden Peninsula” or “Golden Land” is a traditional name for the Thailand-Cambodia-Laos-Burma region


• New Satellite-1 Terminal detailed model with PBR materials and Day/Night lighting
• APIS++ A-VDGS to match real airport. Work as a clock and gate sign when idled (Works with Gate to Gate flight plan, Only “Heavy airliner can spawn APIS++ of new satellite terminal)
• A-VDGS for North terminal and parking ramp. Also, work as a clock and gate sign when idled
• Custom Animated Jetways to match real Suvarnabhumi airport new Satellite-1 terminal and North terminal (Can connect one jetway per parking space)
• Ground service approved taxiways names. (Controller may instruct you to taxi around just for fun sometimes)
• Matches parking gate numbers, North terminal, Parking ramp, Cargo ramp, and New Satellite-1 terminal
• Full Airport services. Pushback, Baggage cart, Catering service, Power supply, Jetways connection, Boarding stairs, and Marshaller. Configure for each Parking Gate/Ramp with Appropriate regions and aprons workers
• Hand-placed Taxiing Guidance Signs System
• Hand-placed Taxiways and Runway light system. Taxiways center, Taxiways edge, Runway light system, Taxiways lead-off, Stop bar, Guard lights, etc
• Custom ground scenery SimObjects, dynamic Boarding stairs. Airport Shuttle bus, Trucks, Vans, Operation pick-up trucks, Tug, etc
• Moderate terminal interior details
• Transfer Baggage Terminal model and PBR materials with small various details around the building
• FBS cargo, TG cargo, and Cargo zone warehouses
• Free Zone Operation Building, Thai Airway office building, and all other surrounding buildings
• Full Day/Night lighting
• Hand-crafted ground markings and textures matched the real airport
• Taxiways, aprons, and runways match the real airport

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