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61tree Studio – FLHN Livingstone / Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport v1.8.8

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Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport (FLHN – previously known as Livingstone Airport).

Livingstone Airport Addon for FS2020 is an exciting expansion pack that brings the stunning Livingstone Airport to life within the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Situated in Zambia, Livingstone Airport serves as the gateway to one of Africa’s most iconic natural wonders, the majestic Victoria Falls.

Shops start opening at 8:00 and close at 22:00

Both hanger doors open by hiding your airplane yoke (either one in a double yoke aircraft).

The goal of this scenery is to supply you with the experience of actually visiting the Livingstone airport as much as possible in the simulator by detailling the interiors along with the surrounding buildings. As a result it’s a bit on the heavy side so if your running a low-end machine or you’re an FPS junky, this addon probably isn’t for you. I would recommend a beefy medium-end to high-end system with a GPU of at least 10GB VRAM. I will go back, after everything is complete, to optimize textures and polycount as much as possible, in order to help improve performance.

As of today, Feb 12th 2024, this scenery is about 70% percent finished from my original plan. Due to the long devepment period, I decided to release it now with the intent of continuing to release updates until it’s complete.



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