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A1R Design Bureau – A1R Chilton DW–1A v1.0.2

The A1R Chilton DW-1A is a British light sporting single seat low wing monoplane designed and built in the late 1930s. The aircraft was intended to be cheap to build and operate, yet have an exceptional performance on low power. The fuselage is rectangular wooden structure with curved decking covered with plywood.

The wings are cantilever in three sections comprising rectangular centre section and two tapered outer sections, covered with plywood back to the rear spar fabric covering thereafter.

The landing gear is divided type, each medium pressure wheel sprung with twin coil spring shock absorber, telescopic legs and enclosed in a fairing.

The A1R Chilton DW-1A airplane is equipped with Walter Mikron-III 65 HP engine.

The aircraft uses the new Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flight model along with new propeller simulation system, PBR high-definition materials and completly based on Audiokinetic Wwise sound system.

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