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Airline2Sim – Airbus A320 Cadet Training Program

The ultimate resource for flying the Airbus A320 family on your desktop flight simulator! 

We’re back with our biggest, most entertaining, most in-depth video series yet! This is an online video training program, hosted by Ben (Airline2Sim) and James (our real life pilot) in British English. 

A European wonder of electronic trickery which launched in 1987, the Airbus A320 is a technological marvel. Finally you can learn how to fly it in your simulator with a real Airbus pilot as we tackle challenging destinations all across Europe in this epic 25 episode series that has been 18 months in the making.

What to Expect

We’ll take you from being an Airbus rookie to being able to ace even the most challenging non-precision approaches and procedures, starting off with a day of initial training focussed on takeoffs and landing. Join us on an odyssey across Europe as we depart Nice on the beautiful south coast of France for Geneva, then onto Milan and finally the shimmering blue seas of Palma de Mallorca before returning to Nice for a challenging circle to land approach that won’t upset the wealthy residents of the Cote D’Azur.

We then head off to the stunning, yet highly difficult airports of Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia for our most challenging approaches yet. Even with the Airbus doing all it can to assist, you’ll be maxed out attempting these landings but we’ll show you how it’s done.

Challenging Scenarios

We also run into some challenges on our long sector between Berlin and Tenerife South, having shown you how to setup the A320’s complex ATSU datalink unit. Finally we visit a variety of destinations to demonstrate how to get the best out of your A320, including use of manual thrust, CATIII autolands, GS MINI, flying in snow and ice, A321 and IAE engine handling differences, Go-Arounds, Airbus Flight Laws and more. This is quite simply the ultimate resource for simulator fans to flying the Airbus A320 family.

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