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Blackbird Simulations – Pilatus PC–6 Porter v1.1.8

– Implementation of ground handing variables to improve take-off, landing and taxiing performance and prevent excessive weathervaning in crosswinds
– Increased rudder authority and rudder trim
– Increased adverse yaw effect through implementation of aileron drag scalars
– Increased prop-wash and p-factor effects
We learned a lot making our first aircraft for MSFS2020, and we are determined to make each release stretch the envelope of what is possible within the the base platform limits.
Second aircraft for 2020

Building on our experience in MSFS2020 with the FG-1D Corsair, we have managed to bring more features, a deeper immersive experience, and more fun to the Porter.

The accurate and highly detailed 3D model blends delightfully with the visual realism offered by MSFS2020.
You can tell we’re proud of it right? But it’s the flight model of which we are especially proud.

Working with real-life Porter pilots has let us get down to the nitty-gritty of perfectly emulated performance.
We know you want to do that tricky stuff like beta braked short runway shenanigans as per Air America, or slow diving with skydivers, and the good news is that with the Blackbird Simulations PC6, you can!

Pull the power lever down to engage Beta mode and turn that huge prop into a barn-door air brake. Lift the lever over the gate and the prop will reverse pitch – for ground use only! It all works just like the real thing!


Our Turbo-Porter uses the default G1000, with minor modifications to suit the PC6, in addition to a Bendix-King radio navigation suite including the KAP140 autopilot and the KR87 ADF. For those that prefer something more old-skool, the forthcoming Stage 2 Release will offer a full steam-gauge option, alongside more radio and navigation options.

We are pleased to announce that our Porter is fully compatible with the latest version of the G1000 NXi from Working Title. This version of the NXi fully supports our aircraft and includes an enhanced version of the KAP140 autopilot to ensure a high degree of compatibility with the NXi indication display and flight planning.

All other third party avionics, mods or community fixes are unsupported at this time.


Swapping between standard wheels and skis is easily done in real-time via our Electronic Flight Bag tablet.
The Stage 2 release will add options for tundra wheels and floats; comparisons to a Swiss army knife are well deserved!

The EFB configuration utility also allows the selection of passenger and cargo variants – Set the cargo weight using the nifty slider and watch as an appropriate cargo load automagically spawns in the rear.

Stage 2 Released!

The Porter now features separate models with floats and tundra tires to expand your mission profile, as well as an earlier representation of the Porter cockpit with steam gauges!



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