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Colombian Virtual Design – SKPQ Captain German Olano Moreno / Palanquero Airport v1.0.0

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Base Aérea Capitán Germán Olano, also known as Palanquero Air Base, is a Colombian military air base located in Puerto Salgar, in the Cundinamarca department. The base is named after Captain Germán Olano Moreno, a Colombian aviator and military officer who was killed in action during the Colombian-Peruvian War in 1933.

Palanquero Air Base is one of the largest and most important military installations in Colombia. It is operated by the Colombian Air Force and serves as the headquarters for the Colombian Air Force’s Transport Command and the Air Combat Command. The base also houses several fighter squadrons, transport units, and other military assets.

In addition to its military operations, Palanquero Air Base has also been used for humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts. In 2010, the base played a key role in the response to the Haiti earthquake, serving as a staging area for aid shipments and a hub for rescue and evacuation operations. The base has also been used for training exercises with the United States military, and there have been controversial discussions regarding the possibility of hosting U.S. troops at the base permanently.

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