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Got Friends – Gee Bee R3 Special v2.0.7

Note: Starting with v2.0.7, make sure to delete any Gee Bee R3 Special Replacement Mods from your Community folder as they are no longer compatible.
– Fix for GTN750 Combination with Working Title
– Optimized 3D Model with New Exporter
– Fixed Multiplayer Pink HTML Screens
– Removed .FLT Files Not Needed
– Updated Flight Model
– Updated Engine Model
– Updated Ground Handling
– Updated Airbrakes with Custom Physics
– Updated Localization File
– Updated Effects Fallbacks
– Added ATC Callout Voice Fix
– Added Working Title WT430 Compatibility
– Added GTN/GNS Switch (Swap Navigation Packages)
– Integrated GTN-750 WTT into Aircraft
– Added Navigation Option Persistence
– Phased Out GTN-750 & Unofficial Edition Standalone Packages
– Unofficial Edition is No Longer Officially Supported Due to 3D Model Constraints
– Updated Manifest to Latest Version
The Gee Bee R3 Special is a concept modern racing aerobatic aircraft that has never been built as a real full-scale aircraft. It was designed by Italian designer Mirco Pecorari and features typical Gee Bee lines but is streamlined to be a modern hot-rod among Gee Bees. This Gee Bee R3 rendition is equipped with a custom Got Friends’ Jimmy Doolittle Turbo NOS Injected engine, delivering 1000HP to 3 blades at a constant 2,700RPM. Designed to be used competitively in racing, she shreds through the skies with unprecedented speed and agility; giving you the ability to do knife edges, flick rolls, hammerheads, 9G turns, and way more! We have also crammed 75 Quarts (10-Minutes) of Nitrous Oxide (NOS) in the rear. Just like emergency boost provided in many WW2 Warbirds, you’ll have the ability to ramp up your engine to an additional 25% performance increase to take lead and take 1st during any race! If you’re looking for some extra flair, the Gee Bee R3 is equipped with multiple smoke canisters (Red, White, Orange, Blue, and Green), a Garmin 430/330 set that can be swapped out for the GTN 750 (PMS50 Mod Required), and automatic asymmetric speed-brake activation on the nose when you need to perform sharp turns or manual deployment for when you need it most.


• GTN 750 Compatibility
• Auto-Start Ignition Set & Fully Clickable Cockpit
• Custom Exterior Lights and Interior Annunciation Lights
• Nitrous Oxide (NOS) Boost and Quantity Gauge
• Smoke Switches with Multiplayer Compatibility (White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange)
• Realistic Flight Model
• Landing Effects (Water, Rain, Dirt, Snow, Dry), Exhaust Effects, Combustion Effects, NOS Effects & Heating Effects
• 250 Kts (Max Speed) (+25% NOS Boost Increase)
• 10 Original Liveries Included & 11 Community Liveries Included



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