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The Secret Studio – WBGG Kuching International Airport v1.2.0

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– Replaced jetway models at gates 1 thru 4.
– Re-orientated default push back tug, and ground service vehicle positions.
– Replaced all ground markings and apron textures around the terminal apron and taxiways.
– Added Batu 7 fly-over at the Kuching Sentral area, with highway tidy-up.
– Added missing lighting behind the passenger terminal, and enhanced airport sign.
– Replaced all ground markings and apron textures around the GA apron.
– Added main storm drainage beside the passenger terminal, and removed undressed terraforms.
– Standard 250mm enhanced center lines have been applied to the terminal apron and taxiways.
– Corrected some inappropriate perimeter fence positions.
– Re-textured the runway.
– Reviewed and corrected all taxiway signs and taxiway assignments.
WBGG Kuching International (KCH) is Malaysia’s fourth busiest airport and is located in Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, South East Asia. Serving the entire south western region of Sarawak, the airport shares it’s runway with RMAF Kuching which is home to No. 1 and No. 7 Squadrons.

This add-on scenery for MSFS2020 contains our in-house developed VDGS units for precision parking and connection to our custom passenger boarding bridges which include audio and visual movement alerting (where applicable). VDGS should work ‘out of the box’ for stock MSFS aircraft and most other jet airliners currently available, with no additional configuration required.

The main passenger terminal has been re-created to match as closely as possible to real life and comes with interior retail booths and stores.

Custom Cat-1 ILS is available for RW07, providing a smooth and accurate path down to the precision markings.

All other buildings in and around the airfield have been custom created to match up as closely as possible with the reference data we have been provided with and we would like to say a very BIG THANK-YOU to those who have gone out of their way to take photos and videos of the areas where we needed more information.

As with all our airports, we will only release when the quality and immersion feels right, and there is always room to add perfection. All future updates to our airports for MSFS are free of charge to our existing customers and we would like to say thank-you to our new and existing customers for their invaluable support.

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