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The Ka-10 (NATO reporting name Hat) is a Soviet single-seat observation helicopter that first flew in 1949.
Design and development

The Ka 10 was a development of Nikolay Kamov’s earlier Ka-8, which had been successful enough to allow Kamov to set up his own OKB (design bureau) in 1948. The Ka-10 made of similar layout to the Ka-8, with an open steel-tube structure carrying an engine, a pilot’s seat and two three-bladed coaxial rotors. It was larger, however, with a revised transmission and rotor hub design, and a new engine specially designed for the helicopter, the 41 kilowatts (55 hp) Ivchenko AI-4 flat-four.
Operational history

The Ka-10 made its first flight in September 1949. Three more prototypes followed, which were evaluated by Soviet Naval Aviation. A Ka-10 was displayed at the 1950 Tushino Air Display, and one made the first landing by a Soviet helicopter on the deck of a ship on 7 December 1950.

In 1954, 12 of an improved version, the Ka-10M were built for the Maritime Border Troops. They had a twin tail rather than the single vertical fin of the Ka-10 and modified rotors and control systems.
Ka-10M Specifications

Ka-10M Features:

• Native helicopter flight model with CFD simulation
• Accurate weight and size
• Multiple liveries
• Animated mechanics – control levers, rotor mast
• Animated default pilot model (IK bones)
• Kneel tablet with navigation map (Pelican’s nav MFD)
• Custom downwash effects
• Custom engine, gears and rotor WWISE sounds

Kuznetsov Carrier Group Features:

• Four locations – Severomorsk (north-west Russia), Vladivostok (south-east Russia), Havana (north Cuba), Istanbul (Middle East, anchored). Suggest your preferred locations!
• Group moves continuously with speed 15 knots, position reset every ~60 minutes
• Highly detailed carrier model
• Usable lifts (switches in Carrier Controls panel) with possibility to taxi into hangar
• Usable jet blast deflectors (switches in Carrier Controls panel)
• Native arresting system (supports F/A-18 and any other compatible aircraft)
• Quick pushback (no vehicle visualization, switch in Carrier Controls panel, use joystick to move or turn around)
• Carrier smoke effect (optional, switch in Carrier Controls panel)
• Cruisers swaying on waves (amplitude depends on wind strength, optional, switch in Carrier Controls panel)
• EXPERIMENTAL group respawn for multiplayer compatibility (if live weatehr active, it will appear in same place for all players; optional, switch in Carrier Controls panel)
• Toggleable lights (dim, spotlights, runway, helipads)
• Each spotlight direction can be changed manually (Carrier Controls panel)



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