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Russian Live Traffic System – RLTS Traffic 2021 v5.9.2021

Changelog 5.9.2021:
– Added LITE version of the mod. Under 50% of models. Should make CTD’s dissapear.
– Added parking codes (supported by sim from SU5, but all the airports don’t have those codes yet.
– Added correct landing speeds
– new updated vatsim model matching file
– added more bgl’s to offline traffic
– added lots of new small planes (GA = General Aviation)

Known Bugs:
– Aircraft don’t leave gates to depart (live traffic)
– Aircraft only depart for first 15min (offline traffic)
– CTD for full final build for several setups worldwide.

If you want to support this mod and it’s creators, please feel free to give donation to one of these donation targets:

It will make us happy πŸ™‚

Download no longer available, check out the new RLTS Perfect Traffic 2022 (AIG edition) instead


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